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Conversely, in a downtrend, each resistance gets lower and so does each support. It is of foremost importance to keep monitoring areas of support and resistance in case of each of the three trends discussed earlier. Simply because support and resistance tell a lot about the strength of the prevailing trend. The next major premise of Technical Analysis is that history tends to repeat itself.

Usually the breach of a trendline occurs in advance than on price. A break in a trendline of Momentum or RoC often precedes a break of a price trendline by a day or two when you see a leading indicator break a trendline, prepare for a break in the price trend. Any breach of a trendline should be considered as an advance warning of a change in trend. Price patterns like Head & shoulder etc. can be seen on the Momentum indicators.

does technical analysis really work analysis on the other hand believes that market is efficient. So, every information is factored in a stock’s market price. So, the stock price will not react to market noise.

What is the importance of technical analysis

The second day is white and opens below the low of the previous day. The third day fills the gap and is the opposite colour of the first two days. A lower open on the fourth day rallies to close above the open of the first black day. A higher open on the fourth day drops to close below the open of the first white day. The first day is the opposite color of the current trend .

Is technical analysis 100% accurate?

While it is sure that technical analysis cannot assure a 100% success rate or magically high profits- it is however a very thorough study of how to predict equity market share value and thus can be considered a format of trade prediction.

When they drop out of a narrow BB they give a signal to short. Speed Resistance lines also called as 1/3 rd or 2/3 rd are a series of trendlines that divide a price move into three equal sections. For example if a price security is in a rising trend, its price will usually stay above the 2/3 Speed line.


Fundamental analysis is more theoretical because it seeks to determine the underlying long-term value of a security. Technical analysis can be considered to be the more practical because it studies the markets and financial instruments as they exist, even if trading activity appears, at times, to be irrational. For this, one needs to be able to read technical charts and know different technical indicators that are used for predicting price trends and also signal reversal of price trends. So, when it comes to deciding which price scale to use, consider the time frame of analysis. For a short-term trader, it does not make much of a difference as to whether arithmetic scale is used or logarithmic scale is used. For a long-term investor, however, logarithmic chart is more beneficial as a long-term investor would be more interested in percent change rather than absolute price change.

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Always protect a trade when you make it with a stop loss order. Momentum subtracts a past price from today s price; Rate of Change divides today s price by a past price. Subtract the 26 day EMA from the 12 day EMA and plot their difference as a solid line. Rising Volume and Price are a normal phenomenon. This combination indicates that the market is in Gear and has no forecasting value. Consequently if the two are in gear it is reasonable to expect at least one more rally that reaches a new price high.

Moving Averages

Professional traders combine market knowledge with technical indicators to prepare the best trading strategy. Most professional traders will swear by the following indicators. If the stock is trading at a price below the Bollinger Band lower line, there is potential for the price to increase in the future.

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RSI often completes these patterns a few days in advance of prices, providing hints of likely trend changes. For example RSI trendlines are usually broken one or two days before the price trendlines. Moving averages can be applied to indicators as well as prices. Some traders use a 5 day moving average of volume.

Step 2: Understand the company

Till now we have covered what is technical analysis, its three tenets, myths and advantages. Let us now look at the 10 most important terms relating to technical analysis. Investors have to be on their toes when it comes to identifying indicators like Bollinger bands, MACD etc.


Chart patterns like head and shoulders, ascending, descending triangles are very popular among traders. Considering these assumptions and using various charts and indicators, analysts determine the future performance of the stock. This is how the technical analysis of stocks works. Technical analysis is built on the assumption that prices trend.


They should first identify the strategy that best suits them, applies it consistently, and sticks to it. System hopping should be reduced as much as possible as it may lead to losses that you could have avoided by sticking to just one system. System hopping is one of the major problems in technical analysis which basically means switching from one system or strategy to another. Traders do that because they do not find profitability in one system.

Is it worth it to learn technical analysis?

Technical analysis can be used to improve timing, and to trade strategies appropriate to market conditions. It can improve hedging strategies by improving your timing when short selling or buying options. By looking at a chart you can quickly see whether a stock price is in a trading range or a trend.

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10 Best Technical Analysis Software for Trading of 2023 - Money

10 Best Technical Analysis Software for Trading of 2023.

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Is technical analysis actually effective?

Efficient-market hypothesis. The efficient-market hypothesis (EMH) contradicts the basic tenets of technical analysis by stating that past prices cannot be used to profitably predict future prices. Thus it holds that technical analysis cannot be effective.

Fibonacci retracement is based on the assumption that the markets retrace by a few predictable percentages, the best known of which are 38.2%, 50% and 61.8%. So, when the market retraces 38%, it will generate either a sell or a buy call depending on the trend. You have to plot Fibonacci retracement from the peak price. The software will give the above mentioned retracement levels. When the price reaches the 38.2% level and bounces, it means the price of the stock at which the chart plots the 38.2% retracement is the support level and you can buy.

  • The answers to these questions depend on information not directly related to the company.
  • Take an example of a truck which is moving along.
  • Investors understand that history and financial events may repeat themself; thus, they react cautiously at some events and aggressively at others based on their past perceptions and incidences.
  • It has the potential to generate trade and profits at an inhuman speed.
  • Stock broker is also required to disclose these client bank accounts to Stock Exchange.
  • It is well for any trader to remember that when he makes a trade, he can go wrong.

The interpretation of Fibonacci Arcs involves looking for or anticipating support and resistance levels as prices approach the arcs. A common technique is to display both Fibonacci Arcs and Fan lines and to anticipate support/resistance at the points where the Fibonacci studies cross. They are chart plotted on the basis of open high low & close prices every hour.

The role of support and resistance gets reversed in a downtrend. In a downtrend, each low breaks below its previous support and each high fails to exceed the previous resistance. As long as this sequence of lower lows and highs persists, a downtrend is said to be intact. However, in a downtrend, if after a sequence of lower lows and highs, the next low does not break below the previous support, it is an early warning that the downtrend could be weakening.

Do professional traders use technical analysis?

Studies show that the vast majority of professional traders use technical analysis for their trading. Statistically speaking, 80% of all professional traders use technical analysis, while the remaining 20% opt for other techniques such as fundamental analysis.

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