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The responsibilities of a remote customer service job will vary based on the company, but generally, they include responding to customer questions and concerns. A customer service representative should be able to interact with a customer and immediately get the context of their problem. Support agents should have sound knowledge of the product/service, which will help them suggest a solution to the customer right away. Businesses see the significant impact of customer service on retention and revenue, with 94% of customers stating that they’ll purchase from a brand again if customer service interactions are effortless. Many places hiring customer service representatives are looking for similar skill sets in resumes, but what makes the right candidate is listing the right skills you can offer. A good Customer Service Representative must have excellent communication skills since they will be speaking directly with customers.

what does a remote customer service representative do

One reason, in particular, is the fact that employees simply want more flexibility in their lives, which could mean being able to work from home or anywhere for that matter. Get an overview of the Dixa platform, and see how our all-in-one solution covers all of your customer service needs. Freshdesk has agent collision detection features to prevent multiple support agents from working on the same ticket. An agent will be notified whenever there’s another agent viewing or typing a reply on the same ticket. The agent can then quickly move on to other tickets without having to needlessly do repetitive work. Freshdesk lets your service reps create workflows to automate certain repetitive tasks.

Remote Customer Service Representative Salary & Outlook

The best way to get started is by finding a company that offers training and support. This will help you develop the skills you need to succeed in this role. You should also make sure that the company has a good reputation what is remote customer service and positive reviews online. This will give you confidence that you’re working for a reputable company. The use of chatbots is growing rapidly as businesses look for ways to reduce costs and improve customer service.

The role may also include rescheduling and confirming appointments with customers. Your job may entail fielding complaints, providing details about the services or products your organization offers, and being able to work independently and with minimal supervision. Tracking key performance indicators and metrics is another responsibility of customer service teams.

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It’s normal for a company to spend months just trying to fill a single a spot in their team, often because they can’t seem to find the right candidate within their area. Senior to this, customer service managers have a team of agents working under them whose performance they track and monitor, apart from working on operational improvements. CSMs can move up the ladder to become directors or VPs of customer service, strategizing and aligning internal teams to deliver excellent customer service. Freshdesk is tightly integrated with multiple third-party applications such as CRMs, email marketing tools, and/or team collaboration software.

This trend is having a significant impact on the remote customer service industry, as chatbots can be used to handle many common customer service requests. The environment for a remote customer service agent is most often in a dedicated home office or workspace. Many employers require only a high school degree or equivalent, although a college degree may be required in some cases. Proficiency with computers and basic technology is usually a must to handle email, live chat, and other communication platforms. A good customer service representative is a great listener and communicator that is empathetic but with a problem-solving mindset. A customer representative assists customers across multiple different channels.

Career Advice

Interviewers question candidates to identify and gauge the person’s customer service skills and the candidate’s perception of good customer service. Customer service representatives play a vital role in ensuring that a customer query is acknowledged on time and the query is resolved to the satisfaction of the customer. Success teams are focused on helping customers achieve greater value and are genuinely seeking to improve their business. A customer success representative’s primary focus is to empower customers to succeed with your product or service in the long term. A customer support representative’s primary objective is to understand the customer’s problem and troubleshoot it with an optimal and effective solution.

To access important contextual information about a customer, the service rep will require access to aCRM software. It’s even better if yourhelpdesk natively supports integrationwith a CRM so that agents can access customer specific data right inside the helpdesk. Key performance indicators of customer success teams are lifetime value, upsell and cross-sell rate, customer churn, net promoter score. Some of the most important support metrics include average response time, first call resolution, customer satisfaction rating and net promoter score. List the primary duties of the customer service agent in this section. Now that you have a fair understanding of what a customer service rep does, let’s dive deeper into their responsibilities and objectives.

Advice for Succeeding in a New Remote Customer Service Job

Your once-loyal customers are becoming increasingly impatient and expecting a more prompt/immediate resolution of issues. The work of a support rep does not end at just resolving a customer issue. They also need to follow up with the customer, find out if the solution actually worked, and take note of the customer’s suggestions on what can potentially improve their experience. Whether it's using new tools to better serve our customers or trying different ways to generate sales, you’re up for the challenge. If you’re new to the remote gig hunt, stick to job boards catering exclusively to remote work, such as We Work Remotely. Make sure to have a work desk, ergonomic chair, and untethered access to your phone or keyboard.

  • The pay for work-from-home customer service rep jobs can be quite good actually.
  • (Remember, they can work from anywhere with a strong internet connection!) It’s a win-win.
  • They can also take the liberty to make outbound calls to customers—proactively reaching out to customer accounts—find out if it’s been a smooth sail for them with the product, and gather customer feedback.
  • Answering both general/specific customer questions about the company’s products/services is a key responsibility of many service agents.
  • They must have great listening skills to understand what the customer really wants and should also have the patience to handle conversations effectively irrespective of the customer’s skill level.

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